Piece o the Heart

Pure Hearts R Us’ Piece of the Heart Program brings thousands of dollars’ worth of home related items to its clients for free through donations from such community-minded companies as Home Depot, Bed, Bath & Beyond and Clothing.

Free items range from kitchen appliances to living room and bedroom furnishings to home remodeling materials such as drywall and paint, and new doors and windows. If you would like to participate in this program and you are qualified as low to moderate income, please fill out the form below and your name will be submitted on a waiting list as donations come in we will notify you.


As a parent you are always planning, dreaming, and wishing the best for your children, from the moment they are born.  Sometimes, if you are lucky as they grow and develop their unique personalities and character you can see your children's dreams before they do. Cortez, since he was 5, now 11, has made it very clear, he wants to help homeless people, play sports, and do the right things in life. He has already displayed so many great characteristics assuring me he will do just that, and I want to make sure I give him the opportunities to pursue all of his dreams, but realize I need assistance, and it takes a village.

My marriage ended, and instantly I became a single parent of 3 children. From two incomes to one, we had to sacrifice and give up a lot. Basketball and Football have been consistent as Cortez's request, and I would really like for him to participate in sports. He desires camaraderie with like peers. He needs a coach to encourage and teach him things I am unable to. He just wants to be part of a team.

As a struggling single parent, I am reaching out to Pure Hearts RUS Agency, asking to sponsor my son Cortez King, for the amount of $160.00 to participate in Parks and Recreations and your youth financial literacy program. By doing this, Cortez and I will be extremely grateful.

Thank you so much, and we appreciate in advance your consideration.

Be Blessed,

Monika Bryant


Good evening,

This past Sunday, Cortez played his first football game!  Oh... the excitement on his face! Priceless.

Thank you Pure Hearts R'US Agency, for helping put a smile on my son's face. Words cannot express our sincerest gratitude. Cortez is looking forward to 6 more weeks of camaraderie, excellent coaching skills, and lots, and lots of fun! 

Attached are a few pictures of Cortez's big day, and thanks again!


Monika Bryant

Monika Bryant, Cortez
Monika Bryant, Cortez


On the behalf of Pure Hearts R Us from the counseling team, staff, board, advisory board and most of all the clients that we served. We are honor to accept this wonderful award from Home Street Bank for the Piece of Heart Program. This is very dear to us to service the low to moderate clientele this program is much needed for many families and individuals that is in such need for everyday items like clothing, home supplies, home products, school supplies, food, etc. These items are offered by other donors which we are a collaboratives partner’s and would like to say thank you to them and most of all I would like to take the time and say a big thank you for everyone that voted for us to win second place. With this donation we will be able to continue to service the community.


— Aaron Leonard
Chief Executive Officer

Dear Aaron,

Congratulations again! We are honored to be able to work with your organization, Pure Hearts R Us as one of our kick-off participants in California and are excited to award the 2nd place prize of $5,000 to your organization!  Your organization does amazing work and we are glad we can help support your mission! I have attached a copy of the photo release form so that we can present the check to your organization and perhaps take a photo of the occasion.

If you can fill out this form and send it back with your organizations W9, that would be great.  Once I coordinate with our staff, I will have additional details for your check presentation.  Thank you again and continued success with your programming!


— Nicole Aaron
Administrator-Community Relations
Home Street Bank

Home Street Bank

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