Post-purchase counseling is offered in one-on-one sessions that provide the new homeowner with the kinds of information that will help to make the homeownership experience a fully rewarding one.

The object of Post Purchase Counseling is to provide the new homeowner information for carrying out the responsibilities of homeownership with confidence and tools for maintaining sound, sustainable homeownership.  Information includes tips for cost-effective do-it-yourself home maintenance as well as education on things like legal considerations for homeowners and making sure homeowner's insurance is as cost-effective as possible while offering proper coverage for particular needs.

The overall goal is to set the homeowner up in a stable, stress-free position to protect and enjoy their major investment. To this end, you will also be offered a free Financial Needs Analysis, your customized tool for charting your homeownership course, and you will be offered free Financial Life Planning which will arm you with a simple but thorough action plan for assured homeownership and life-long financial success.

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