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When you first begin considering the possibility of becoming a homeowner you will want to meet with a Pure Hearts R Us housing counselor who will help you determine if you are ready to purchase. 

If you ARE ready, your counselor will help you determine the mortgage amount you can comfortably afford and which loan program will best meet your needs.  You will also be directed to take the 8-Hour Home Buying Certification Course.  This can be done at a Pure Hearts R Us in-person group setting or you can complete it at your leisure online.

If it is determined that you AREN'T ready for homeownership yet, your counselor will work with you to determine the steps necessary for you to become ready and what your most likely timetable will be if you follow a prescribed game plan. You will also be encouraged to engage in Pure Hearts R Us' holistic Credit Counseling program. Whether ready to purchase right away or not, you will be offered a free Financial Needs Analysis, your customized tool for charting out your homeownership timetable and game plan, and you will be offered free Financial Life Planning which will arm you with a simple but thorough action plan for assured homeownership and life-long financial success.   

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