200 Homes Project Seeking Investors

Pure Hearts R Us Housing Agency is looking to partner up in a real estate development projects. We are a 501c3 corporation that has experienced in developing and rehabs. We have a pool of buyers and more are being added to the list, who are mortgage ready and we offer credit counseling for those that need it to purchase in the future. Our goal is to build provide affordable housing and market value prices. This project can be rewarding in many different ways. It can provide 1000’s of jobs and put people back to work, it can provide the city’s more property taxes more revenue. It will provide 200 families an opportunity to become new homeowners also they could qualify for a grant, 100% financing and free financial planning, this could be A great investment for the investor(s), these potential home buyers will have to take 8hours of home buyers and education and will be offered post-purchase counseling. This can be the answer for a home buyer to get over that hurdle the down payment to make the process of purchasing much easier though our agency.

Pure Hearts R Us Housing Agency is committed to put 1,000,000 families into their own home. In order to see this vision come true we must work together in this vision, with partners, collaboratives, real estate agents and brokers, developers, banks, lenders, media, politicians, nonprofits, businesses, corporations and everyone that has an interested in the real estate market and economy.

If that sounds like you have an interest in this projects and can provide resources, please contact Aaron Leonard.